Helping You


Becoming a Christ Follower


The story of redemption is the story of a just and loving God calling lost and rebellious creatures back to Himself. He has been writing this grand and glorious narrative of His goodness and grace since before time began. We enter into His story at creation. For His glory, God created this world good and peaceful and offered us the opportunity of unbroken fellowship with Himself. However, as Genesis 3 tells us, things went wrong. Through one man’s disobedience, we fell from this joyful state of fellowship. Sin entered our hearts, and with that sin, the world became twisted and fractured.

The harmony and peace that creation once enjoyed was damaged by sin and broken in disrepair. Since that time, God has patiently and purposefully continued the story of redemption. God sent His only Son, Jesus, who came and lived a perfect, sinless life and offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sin on the cross. Jesus endured God’s wrath on behalf of sin. It was a dark and horrendous moment of suffering and death, yet peace and beauty and hope burst forth as Christ rose three days later from the grave. What was once broken God restored through His Son. Through Christ, we are offered restoration and reconciliation. God takes that which is broken and makes it new. The Father invites His children into relationship with Him and into the newness of life Christ offers. We urge you to explore this story further. What God starts, He will bring to completion, and we pray that you would be woven into the narrative.

If you feel Christ inviting you into this story — inviting you into a restored relationship with the living God — turn to Him in repentance and put your trust in Him and the work He accomplished on the cross to redeem you and save you.

If you would like to connect with one of our pastoral staff members, please e-mail Linda Griffin at the church office or call 970-247-0624, and she will have them contact you shortly.




 We believe an authentic church should strive to meet individual needs through relationships with others in community. You can develop relationships with others through home groups, support groups, and other connection opportunities. When additional care is required, our pastoral care ministry exists to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of FBC attendees in unique life circumstances.

We readily admit and recognize that our pastoral care ministry is not equipped to handle and address all of life’s circumstances, issues, and problems. If, after meeting with one on our team, we assess that more help is needed than we can offer we will work with you to find the appropriate service.

Please contact the church office for more information, 970-247-0624.


Helping You by Providing Meals 


We’d like to help you, or someone you know, by providing a few evening meals if you find a change in your life pattern, such as sickness, having just had surgery or even an addition to your family by birth, foster care, or adoption. Please contact the church office for more information. 970-247-0624.


Deacons’ Fund


The Deacons’ Fund is designed to meet the holistic needs of those in our body and community who are enduring hard times. This ministry’s vision is to walk with an individual or family through whatever situation they are experiencing and to offer financial support and guidance, counseling, and spiritual mentoring.

Before requesting help from this ministry, please present your need to your Gospel Community or whoever you are in Biblical community with first. These are the people who will be able to walk alongside you best.




Congratulations on your engagement! We’re excited to serve you during the process of marriage and wedding planning.

Our church offers a wide variety of resources from premarital counseling and pastors to officiate your wedding, to sound and technical help, and vocalists who will be willing to serve you on your day. It is our hope and prayer that this will be a time of enjoyment and encouragement in the Lord, and we will strive to make your wedding day joyous and stress-free.

If a member of the pastoral team is to conduct your service, we require the opportunity to engage in premarital counseling with you. While we are excited for you and your future marriage, we are also excited to help you begin your life together on the firm foundation of a Christ-centered marriage.

In our premarital counseling program, engaged couples meet with the pastor for five to six weeks to cover such topics as the Biblical foundation of marriage, conflict resolution, family influence, money management, and the God-ordained roles of the husband and wife. There will be outside homework and reading assignments that go with each session and each session lasts between an hour to two hours. The meeting place varies but ideally occurs at the pastor’s home. The last session is to walk through the details of the service.

While this is a free service, you must know that there is a high demand for this ministry. Do not delay in scheduling your appointments with the pastoral staff. Additionally, due to the number of summer weddings, it may be possible that your counseling may be led and conducted by one of our elders, with the final session being with the officiating pastor.

The facilities at FBC are available for weddings, although availability is limited. Only certain days and times of the week are open, and those times can change week to week. If you would like to check availability please e-mail Linda Griffin at or call her at 970-247-0624.


Using Our Facilities for Funerals


The facilities at FBC are available for funerals, although availability is limited. Only certain days and times of the week are open, and those times can change week to week. If you would like to check availability please e-mail Linda Griffin at or call her at 970-247-0624.

Will a Pastor Conduct the Service?

It would be our honor to serve you in this way. If you desire a pastor from FBC to conduct a memorial service, please e-mail Linda Griffin ay or call her at 970-247-0624. Once we receive your e-mail, we will make arrangements for a pastor to officiate the service.


Hospital and Home Visits 


FBC Durango is a place where the body strives to act as the body, taking care of each other’s needs. If you or a loved one has been hospitalized, please don’t hesitate to call on the body for support.

If you are in a Gospel Community, call your group leader for prayer and assistance. If you are not in Gospel Community or are inquiring from out of town, please contact Linda Griffin or call at 970.247.0624, and she will coordinate a visit from an elder or staff member.


Pre and post Abortion Counseling


The Durango Pregnancy Center is a ministry for men and women dealing with the reality of unwanted pregnancy, pre-abortion questions, pregnancy tests, and abortion recovery help. It is a safe place to begin sifting through the emotions of guilt and shame and embrace God’s grace, healing, and restoration. All services are free and confidential.

CLICK HERE to visit their website or call at 970-247-5559.