Children's Ministries

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Children's Ministries

OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS. That 's what kids ministry at First Baptist is all about. Kids Ministry at First Baptist is Christ Centered. Our team, our time, our schedule, our special events, all our stuff is about Jesus, the heart of the Gospel! ALL of it is about leading children to know, love and follow Christ, God's only Son and our Savior all the days of their lives.

So how do we do this? We make a HUGE deal about these 8 things!

1. Digging into the Word of God each week.

2. Weekly communicating the Gospel clearly and intentionally

3. Making much of God's grace and mercy.

4. Building relationships with kids and parents each week.

5. Partnering with parents by connecting what we learn each Sunday to the home.

6. Sharing God's great mission for His people here and everywhere in the whole world.

7. Encouraging children to use their talents in ministry.

8. Oh yeah, having lots of fun!

Special Events:

All-Age Bible Lessons - This is a special Bible lesson for ALL AGES offered 3 times a year in the church fellowship hall.  Praise, prayer, Bible teaching and a resource table for every age are all part of this special time.  An equipping piece for parents is offered during our all-age class. 

Nerf Wars - Fun nights for elementary boys grades 1-5.  Fun, fellowship, devotions and food! 

Girls Nights - Fun nights for girls grade 1-5 throughout the year themed, planned and hosted by our elementary age girls.

VBS Camp - An all-day VBS day camp for kids 1st - 3rd grade, hosted at Whispering Pines Bible Camp. 5 full days of Gospel centered learning, faith, fun and friends!

COMING IN JANUARY 2020 -  TeamKID - Monday from 3:30-5:00.    Kids In Discipleship will launch in January 2020!   TeamKID = Kids Learning about God, Using the Bible, Living for Jesus.   Click on the Events icon for more information.