Each winter and summer, First Baptist Church of Durango sends a couple people to minister to the pastors of the Casa de Dios churches and their church bodies, approximately 1 hour’s drive from Managua, Nicaragua. Jim and Denise Hugins lead a team to visit with them for one week, preaching, teaching, visiting, learning and being blessed by their deep love for the Lord and His people.

Jim Hugins, trip leader, says, “My words to describe our time in Nicaragua are “hospitality and love”. We were showered with love and hospitality by the people.

Jim’s wife Denise says, “If I had to choose one word to describe my time in Nicaragua it would be “encouragement”. Danica and I were able to spend time with 10 different women, sharing our lives, struggles and dreams and praying together. In so doingwe were able to put into practice Romans 1:12, ‘we were all mutally encouraged by each other’s faith’.”

Group trips take place in January and June. Contact the church office at 970-247-0624 if you would like to hear more or are interested in participating.


Youth Missions Trips

Youth Summer Missions Trips are always a total blast!! Check out the STUDENT MINISTRIES page for recap videos and for information on future Summer trips!





FBD's Missionaries

Please pray earnestly for the long term missionaries listed below.

Aden, Cindy - YWAM - Africa

Akins, Russ & Linda - Master Plan - Durango - College Ministry

Akins, Brandon & Shelly - Master Plan - Grand Junction - College Ministry

Good News Jail Ministry - Durango - Jail Ministry

Brothers, Nick & Tracy - Cross Bar X - Durango - Camp Ministry

Cowan, Marvin - Missions Door - Utah - Mormon Ministry

Hamm, Rob & Kristen – CRU - Oregon - College Ministry

Helvoigt, Bethany - Big Horn Camp - Montana

Hillewart, Malcolm & Leah - Master Plan - Durango - College Ministry

Jessen, Kelly & Jenni - e3 Partners Compass 31 - Thailand

Kostreva, Kyle & Michelle - Master Plan - College Ministry

Miller, Tim & Marci - Cross Bar X - Durango - Camp Ministry

Obregon, Junior - Campus Crusade - Nicaragua - College Ministry                                                                                                       

Parks, Ted & Janumgul - Reach - Kazakhstan

Payne, Sharon – ABWE - Brazil

Posey, Jacob & Jenny - Cross Bar X - Durango - Camp Ministry

Renger, Evan & Julie - Campus Ministries - Ft. Collins - College Ministries

Rodriquez, Ramon & Ana - Missions Door - Nogales, AZ - Seminary

Ross, Daniel & Janna - First Love Int. - Ukraine - orphans

Santiago, Willie - Cuba Connection Ministries - Cuba

Santiago, Yoel - WorldServe - Cuba

Scheer, Gary & Laurie - World Venture - Rwanda

Shoemaker, Jack & Melissa - Wycliffe - Dallas - Teaching Missions

Shoemaker, Wes & Julie - Wycliffe - Mexico - Bible Translation

Smith, R & M - YWAM - New Zealand

Snowden, Tammy - Pioneers - Denver - Child Advocacy

Tsosie, Willie & Lena - Missions Door - Black Mesa, AZ - Navajo Ministry

Valcin, Gersan & Betty - CTEN - Haiti

Wall, Mike & Rachel - Christian Challenge - College Ministry

Wiley, Ron & Jeanine - Resource Exchange Int. Inc. - Pueblo- Missions training/ support

Wiorek, Chris & Josanne - IDEAS - Asia

Woodie, Dakota and Rachael - Master Plan - Durango - College Ministry

Yazzie, Ben & Tillie - Missions Door - New Mexico - Navajo Mission

Yermakov, Hleb - Encouragement International - Portugal

For more information, or to contact any of our missionaries via email, please contact the church office at 970-247-0624.